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Doctorate in CLS [Jan. 15th, 2010|02:16 pm]
Medical Technologists
What's your opinion on the Clinical Doctorate programs in CLS that will be opening up in a few institutions across the country?  Would you be interested in pursuing this degree?  What do you think will the job prospects be after getting this degree, and how will it change the current professional landscape?

I'm currently a CLS student expecting to graduate in August 2010.  I plan on pursuing graduate studies, and DCLS seems to be a promising career path.  But at this point there seems to no market for it, other than the obvious laboratory director route.

Any opinion would be greatly appreciated, especially from experienced laboratorians and those who hold advanced degrees.  Thanks!

From: flipntx
2010-03-26 05:01 am (UTC)

Thanks for the input!

I understand that DCLS is primarily a highly conceptual position at this point, and even after universities have started graduating DCLSs, it will take time for the newly-minted DCLS to define his/her role in the clinical setting.

I do know that I will want to get an advanced degree post-BS MLS. If I find that DCLS is not an option, then I'm thinking about getting an MPH in Epidemiology. That way I could have the option of maybe working in research, or even become a clinical epidemiologist (i.e., a hospital infection control specialist).

Does this sound like a feasible career path? Does anyone know of any MLSs that have taken this route? Any idea on salary ranges and demand for this feald? I do enjoy working in the lab, but I fear that there's no career ladder in hospital labs past the supervisory/managerial positions. Hence my motivation to attend grad school.
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