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MT Jobs: Are you on your feet all day? - Medical Technologists [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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MT Jobs: Are you on your feet all day? [Jun. 4th, 2010|05:26 pm]
Medical Technologists

I have a background in microbiology but have been working in an unrelated field for several years. I am now exploring clinical laboratory sciences as a second career. One catch though: I experienced a foot injury a few years ago that means I can no longer stay standing for long stretches at a time all day. 

Are there jobs in this field that would allow me to perform a majority of tasks while sitting? I am perfectly capable of walking and standing, just not for hours at a time.


From: arenholder
2010-06-11 06:04 am (UTC)
I work in a small lab during 2nd and 3rd shifts. There's lots of running back and forth between the different areas and benches.

I'd venture to say that the larger the lab, the less likely it is that you'll be on your feet all day. If it's a large lab and you're just in one department, there will probably be a bench rotation where you could be mostly sitting or mostly standing, depending on the bench you get that day.

Like the others said, Micro may be your best bet, as long as it's not 3rd shift (but again it depends on the lab). Maybe someone who works in a reference lab could chime in....
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